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Male, born 1862-08, died 1927-04-28

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Baske, Frederick, Building Contractor

Professional History

Principal, Frederick Baske, Building Contractor, Davenport, WA, c. 1896-1897; lumber dealer, Davenport, WA, 1900; retail paint merchant, Davenport, WA, c. 1910-1920. Principal, Fred Baske, Building Contractor, Seattle, WA, c. 1921-1927; his residence was also his business office in 1926, 3511 East Columbia Street.


Born in Pomerania, Germany, Baske, his wife and son, Fred, Jr., all came to the US in either 1887, according to the 1900 US Census or 1885, as per the 1920 US Census. He first resided in NB in 1890, where his son, Hugo, had been born. In 1900, the US Census reported that Fred K.W. had been naturalized. (The 1920 US Census stated that Fred K.W., Laura and Fred K.P. all were naturalized in 1892, seven years after coming to the US.) He and his family lived on Main Street in Davenport, WA, in 1910. According to the 1920 US Census, on 01/03/1920, Fred K., Laura and Fred K.P. (then 34) resided in a rented dwelling on 9th Street in Davenport. One year later, they had transplanted themselves to Seattle, living at 329 29th Avenue South in Seattle in 1921. (See 1921 Seattle City Directory, p. 314.) By c. 1924, Fred K.W. and Laura had moved to another Seattle address at 3511 East Columbia Street, and two years later, their son Fred K.P. still lived with them. (See 1924 Seattle City Directory, p. 306; 1926 Seattle City Directory, p. 269). Fred K.W. died in 1927 in Seattle. His widow, Laura, continued to live at 3511 East Columbia Street according to the Seattle City Directory of 1928 (p. 297).

His wife was Laura A. Baske, (born 01/1864 in Germany), whom he married in c. 1885.

He and Laura had two sons, Fred K.P. Baske, (born 01/1886 in Germany-d. 05/06/1956 in Tacoma, WA) and Hugo (born 08/1890 in NB). By age 23, Fred, Jr., was a lawyer.

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  • Seattle, WA (Architect's Death)
    Seattle, WA

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