Female, US, born 12/05/1913, died 05/30/1999

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Gruen and Krummeck, Architects

Professional History

Partner, [Victor] Gruen and Krummeck, Architects, New York, NY, and Los Angeles, CA, c. 1947;


Krummeck attended Parsons School of Design, New York, NY;


In 1920, when she was 6, Elsie Krummeck lived in a rented apartment at 216 Logan Street in Brooklyn, NY. Her last residence was in the 90036 zip code of Los Angeles, CA.

Her father Charles Krummeck (born c. 1884 in Germany) worked in 1920 as a painter. He arrived from Germany c. 1906, and had papers first filed for citizenship in 1919. Her mother, Katie (born c. 1883 in Germany) worked in the home raising the children. She came to the US c. 1909 and was still registered as an alien in 1920. The Krummecks had two children in 1920, Elsie and her elder brother, Edwin, (born c. 1910 in New York, NY).

Krummeck married Victor D. Gruen, with whom she practiced in the late 1940s. She divorced him in the 1950s and married Herbert Neil Crawford, an architect, in 1958, becoming Elsie Krummeck Crawford. She divorced him in 05/1972.

Son: Michael S. Gruen, who became an attorney living in New York, NY;

SSN: 087-09-1671; Krummeck's name was originally misspelled as "Krummech" in PCAD. The record was changed on 01/16/2011. Krummeck was well-known for her furniture designs and for her designs for the Architectural Pottery Company of Los Angeles. Some of her work was exhibited at the renowned "California Design" exhibitions mounted at the Pasadena Art Museum between 1955-1971.

PCAD id: 639