Male, born 1880-05-06, died 1953-11-23

Professional History

Assistant Chief Engineer, Submarine Boat Corporation, Port of Newark, Newark, NJ, 1918. Supervising Engineer, United States Treasury Department, Washington, DC, c. 1930s. Melick worked on many post offices across the United States with the Supervising Architect, Louis A. Simon (1867-1958) during the latter's administration from 1933-1939. Some of these would include the University Station Post Office, Seattle, WA, Hayward Post Office, Hayward, CA, and the 1248 5th Street Post Office in Santa Monica, CA.


On 09/12/1918, Melick and his wife lived at 235 Washington Avenue, Neward, NJ.

Neal Melick married Harriette Johnson Melick (08/13/1885-05/11/1959). They were buried together in the Elmwood Cemetery, Norfolk, VA.

PCAD id: 6162