Male, born 1922-11-24, died 1999-06-05

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Mithun and Nesland, Architects; Mithun and Nesland, Ridenour and Cochrane, Architects

Professional History

During World War II, Nesland chose the U.S. Navy, working on a minesweeper. Partner, [Omer L.] Mithun and Nesland, Architects, Bellevue, WA, 1952-1955; Principal, Nesland and Associates, Renton, WA, 1955-1999. Nesland never retired from practice.

Nesland received his certificate to practice architecture in the State of WA in 1955.


Nesland graduated from Ballard High School, 1941. B.Arch., University of Washington (UW), Seattle, WA, 1951.


The Nesland Family lived at 6808 34th Avenue NW in 1930, a house valued at approximately $7,000, right at that year's average American home price of $7,145. Harold lived in Ballard his entire childhood. He entered the armed forces in 1942, saw active duty in the Pacific, and came back to Seattle in 1947, at which time he matriculated at the University of Washington in architecture. During the 1950s and 1960s, he lived with his wife and children in Renton, WA. Nesland passed away from heart failure at the University of Washington Medical Center.

His father, Harold J. Nesland, Sr., (born 02/01/1880) was a Norwegian-born fisherman and master mariner, who lived and worked in the heavily Scandinavian neighborhood of Ballard. He was born in the tiny fishing village of Nesland on the Lofoten archipelago, a promontory off of Norway's northwest coast within the Arctic Circle. He married Jessie Mikelsen, a Norwegian woman five years younger, on 09/10/1910; according to the US Census of 1930, Harold immigrated to the US on 10/25/1904, and received citizenship in 1910; Jessie entered the country in 1903. She managed the household and supervised their four children, three girls and Harold.

His second marriage was to Peggy J. Bradshaw, whom he wed on 12/28/1982.

Harold Nesland, Jr., was survived by three children and two stepchildren: Harold J. Nesland III, of Seattle, and Bruce Nesland, of Bellevue; daughter Karen Nesland Robles, of Seattle; stepdaughter Kathy Kohout, of Redwood City, Calif.; and stepson Timothy Bradshaw, of Seattle.

Nesland liked to navigate sailboats and yachts.

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