Male, born 1876-04-28, died 1950-08-20


Born in IA, Philpott lived in New London, IA, in 1900; at age 24, he worked as a carpenter. Ten years later, he, his wife and two children lived in Litchfield, IL, where he made a living as a house builder. The family lived at 1108 North Monroe Street in Litchfield. In 1918, Philpott registered for the draft; he worked as a carpenter for various firms, and had move to an address at 1424 North Las Palmas Avenue, Los Angeles, CA. In 1920, he and his family lived in a rented dwelling at 6762 Hawthorne Avenue, Los Angeles; Philpott lived at 1448 Beverly Drive, Los Angeles, in 1930; according to the US Census of that year, the house was worth approximately $9,000 and the household did not own a radio set.

Both of his parents came from IA. His father, Henry J. Philpott, an editor, (born c. 1850 in IA) had died by 1900. His mother was Catherine G. Krager Philpott (born 11/1848 in OH); he had three siblings, including a brother, Vernon (born 12/1871 in IA) and sister, Irma R. (born 07/1884 in IA).

Merlin G. Philpott married Minnie A. Mitchell Philpott (born c. 1880 in KY) c. 1905. Both of her parents had also come from KY.

They had a son, Harold A. Philpott, (born c. 1908 in IL) and a daughter, Aileen (born c. 1906 in IL);

SSN: 571011662;

PCAD id: 5165