Male, born 09/01/1896, died 08/20/1994

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Warren, Donald R., Company, Engineers

Professional History

Senior Engineer, Donald R. Warren Company, Engineers, Los Angeles, CA, c. 1964; Senior Engineer, Fluor Corporation, Ltd, Los Angeles, CA, c. 1966.

Meursinge had retired from practice by 1970.


Born in Holland, Meursinge died in Orange County, CA, at the age of 97. He lived in Yorba Linda, CA, in 1970.

His mother's maiden name was Vandoorninck.

He married Catherina Theodora Warnsinck, (06/17/1895-11/10/1987).

In 2007, a John Meursinge resided in Sierra Madre, CA, presumably a relation to John H. Meursinge.

In 1964, Meursinge had worked as a civil engineer for 40 years, working on the design and construction of industrial facilities. SSN: 568-07-4472; Meursinge corresponded with the writers, Theodore Dreiser (1 letter in 1935 held at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA) and Lewis Mumford (15 letters held at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA). His book, "Groping for Unity," was held in the Library of Ava Helen and Linus Pauling, now held at Oregon State University.

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