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Male, born 08/09/1934, died 12/01/1989

Associated with the firms network

Heitschmidt and Thompson, Architects; Heitschmidt, Earl T., and Associates; Mounce, H. Wendell, AIA, and Associates, Architects; Warren, Donald R., Company, Engineers

Professional History

Draftsman, Donald R. Warren Company, Engineers, Los Angeles, CA, 1958; First Lieutenant, U.S. Army Reserve, 1959; Draftsman, Earl Heitschmidt and Associates, Los Angeles, CA, 1959-1965; Founding Partner, H. Wendell Mounce, AIA, and Associates, Architects, Glendale, CA, c. 1982.

Mounce joined the American Institute of Architects, Southern California Chapter, in 1965.


B.Arch. and B.S. Arch. Construction, Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas, (renamed in 1963 as "Texas A and M University"), College Station, TX, 1958;

Ernest Langford Award for Outstanding Design Student, Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas, College Station, TX, 1957;


Born in Walnut Springs, Texas, Mounce died in Santa Barbara County, CA, at the age of 55.

His mother's maiden name was Cane.

SSN: 465-50-8254; (SSN may be incorrect.)

PCAD id: 4442