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Geise Architects; Hastings, Jane, Architect

Professional History


Part-time Draftswoman, L. Jane Hastings, Architect, Seattle, WA, c. 06/1963. Principal, Geise Architects, Seattle, WA.

Member, Washington Board of Registration for Architects; Member, American Institute of Architects National Ethics Council;

Fellow, American Institute of Architects; Geise was the American Institute of Architects Seattle Medalist of 2001.


Secondary Schools/College

Geise attended Brighton and Whitworth Elementary Schools, Seattle, WA. Graduate, Franklin High School, Seattle, WA, 1953. Coursework, Whitman College, Walla Walla, WA, c. 1954. B.Arch., University of Washington, Seattle (UW), Seattle, WA, 1963. She received her degree on 06/15/1963. A news story appearing in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer indicated that Victor Steinbreuck helped convince Geise to become an architecture major: ""I was interested in architecture when I first entered the university,' she explained. 'But I decided then architecture was for men and home ec for women.' She said she changed her mind after a friend introduced her to Victor Steinbrueck, professor of architecture and urban planning. Steinbrueck encouraged her to enter architecture.

During her time at UW, Geise traveled in Europe one summer.. She was the only woman to graduate with an architecture degree in 1963.

College Awards

Member, Phi Beta Kappa, University of Washington, Seattle (UW), Seattle, WA, 1963. Member, Tau Sigma Delta, University of Washington, Seattle (UW), Seattle, WA, 1963.



Geise was born in Olympia, WA, but spent much of her childhood in Seattle.


Carolyn Lee Deuter married John Herbert Geise on 12/15/1962 in King County, WA. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer related the story of how she met her husband: "They first met last August at the American Institute of Architects booth at the Seattle World's Fair. The wife-to-be had won a scholarship from the national AIA and was working in the booth when Geise, a student member of the AIA's Seattle Chapter, happened to visit it." (See Charles Russell, "UW Grad 'Alone in Architecture," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 06/1963, p. unknown.)

Biographical Notes

By age 27, Geise had climber Mount Rainier three times and had worked with climbing legend Jim Whittaker, as a ski instructor.

A Life Works Series presentation--sponsored by the American Institute of Architects, Seattle Chapter) was done on the work of Geise 09/27/2005 at the Harbor Steps Conference Center (1301 First Avenue, Seattle, WA).

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