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De Wolfe, Elsie, Interior Designer

Professional History

Muzzie de Wolfe became the sister-in-law of the pioneering interior designer, Elsie de Wolfe.


Winifred Kimball (aka Muzzie de Wolfe) was married three times. Her second husband was, for a brief time, the celebrated milquetoast, Edgar de Wolfe, brother of the pioneering interior designer, Elsie de Wolfe (1865-1950). Following her marriage to Edgar, Muzzie was allowed to manage West Coast commissions for Elsie's prosperous design firm. Elsie handled clients in New York, Paris, London and on the French Riviera. Following her divorce from Edgar, she married the New York cosmetics millionaire, Richard Hudnut.

A daughter born out of wedlock was Winifred Kimball Shaughnessy, (aka Natacha Rambova, born 01/19/1897 in Salt Lake City, UT-died 05/06/1966 in Pasadena, CA). Her mother's first husband, Col. Michael Shaughnessy, adopted her daughter, and she subsequently took his name.

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