Male, born 12/05/1928

Associated with the firms network

MBT Associates, Architects; McCue Boone Tomsick (MBT), Architects; McCue, Gerald M., and Associates, Architects; Milano and McCue, Architects

Professional History

Draftsman, Henry Gutterson, Architect, Berkeley, CA, 1947-1948; Designer/Job Captain, J.P. Milano, Architect, San Francisco, CA, 1950-1953; Partner, [J.P.] Milano and McCue, Architects, San Francisco, CA, 1953-1954; Principal, Gerald M. McCue and Associates, Architects, San Francisco, CA, 1954-1965; Principal, Gerald M. McCue and Associates, Incorporated, San Francisco, CA, 1966-1970; Partner, MBT Associates, Architects, San Francisco, CA, c. 1990s-2005;

Lecturer, University of California, Berkeley, 1954-1959;

McCue joined the American Institute of Architects (AIA) in 1954; Director, AIA East Bay Chapter, 1958-1959; when surveyed in 1962, McCue indicated being a Registered Architect in the State of CA.


B.Arch., University of California, Berkeley, 1951; M.Arch., University of California, Berkeley, 1952;


McCue married in 1951.

When surveyed in 1955, McCue indicated that he had had 1 child.

Gerald McCue served as the Principal Investigator for a $92,000 National Science Foundation (NSF)-CBET Grant in 1976; the grant was titled: "Building Enclosure And Finish Systems; Design Procedures Considering Interaction Of Building Components During Earthquakes," Division of Chemical, Bioegineering, Environmental, and Transportation Systems (CBET - NSF)

Associated Locations

  • Woodland, CA (Architect's Birth)
    Woodland, CA

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PCAD id: 2846

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