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Male, US, born 10/05/1869, died 01/13/1955

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Everett and Baker, Associated Architects; Everett, Julian F., Architect

Professional History

Principal, Julian F.Everett, Architect, Seattle, WA, 1904-1922;

Member, American Institute of Architects, Washington Chapter, 1910-1911; Member, Seattle Architectural Club, Seattle, WA, 1910;


Born in Wisconsin, the Everett Family lived in Leeds, WI, according to the US Censuses of 1870 and 1880; the household consisted of six people: Benjamin, Elizabeth, Esther, Julian, Jamima Everett (Benjamin's mother, born c. 1795 in NY), and a servant, Sophia Poeim (born c. 1862, Germany). Everett lived in Seattle, WA, c. 1904-1922; he lived in Ventura, CA, in 1930. Everett and his wife owned their own house in Ventura, that was valued at $7,000. Everett died in Los Angeles County, CA, at the age of 85.

Benjamin Everett, his father, was a farmer; in 1870, the value of his farm was $16,400, a significant sum; his father's personal estate was worth $1,500, making him relatively well-to-do; his mother, Elizabeth C. Everett, was a housewife. His siblings were: Edward (born c. 1853, NY), Mariah S. (born c. 1857, WI), Esther, (born c. 1862 in WI). Both of Everett's parents had been born in New York. Everett had a relative, Marie L. Everett, who lived in Madison, WI, in 1918; she was his next-of-kin listed on his W.W. I Registration Card.

He married Edith Everett (born c. 1879 in PA) in 1899.

On his W.W. I Registration Card, Everett indicated that he was born on 10/05/1873 rather than 10/05/1869. This may have been to skirt the maximum enlistment age.

PCAD id: 2713