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Male, US, born 1858-07-19, died 1952-02-23

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Darmer, C. August, Architect; Farrell and Darmer, Architects

Professional History


Partner, Darmer and Farrell, Architects, Tacoma, WA, 1885-c. 1892;

Principal, C.A. Darmer, Architect, Tacoma, WA, c. 1892-1908, c. 1916- . Only four architects were listed in the R.L. Polk and Company's Tacoma City Directory of 1900: G.W. Bullard, C.A. Darmer, John G. Proctor and Ambrose J. Russell. Darmer occupied Office #417-418 in the Califronia Building, Tacoma, in 1900; he moved to 111 South C Street by 1905.

Partner, Darmer and Cutting, Architects, Tacoma, WA, c. 1907-1913. Darmer and Cutting had their office at 1111 South C Street in Tacoma, in 1909. (See R.L. Polk and Company's Tacoma, Washington, City Directory, 1909, p. 917.)

Darmer enjoyed a long and productive career, working well into his 80s.


A small number of architectural drawings by Darmer were deposited at the University of Washington Libraries, Special Collections Division.



Born in Stralsund, Germany, Darmer came to the United States on board the ship, Khorasan, from Sydney, NSW, Australia, on 11/01/1881; he first lived in San Francisco, CA, before settling permanently in Tacoma, WA.

According to the US Census of 1930, Darmer and his wife lived in a rented dwelling at 717 North 3rd Street in Tacoma costing $75 per month in rent. They did own a radio set at the time, a base line marker of modernity captured by the 1930 US Census. He died at age 93 in Tacoma, WA.


His parents were Edward and Martha Darmer.


Carl August Darmer married Sophia C. Darmer (born c. 1864 in Germany) c. 1885.


Carl and Sophia had three children: Louise (born c. 1883), Edward (born 10/1890) and Gretchen L. Darmer (born 01/06/1895 in Tacoma, WA);

Biographical Notes

Darmer was made a naturalized US citizen in the US District Court of the 2nd Judicial District at Tacoma, WA, 06/25/1888.

Darmer, his wife, Sophie, and two children, traveled aboard the Normannia from Hamburg, Germany, to New York, NY, (through Southampton, UK) arriving on 09/21/1891.

On a US Passport document of 03/15/1911, Darmer indicated that he was 5 feet 8 inches tall, had a "roman" nose, blonde hair, high forehead and an oval face.

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  • Stralsund, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Germany (Architect's Birth)
    Stralsund, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Germany

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