Male, US, born 07/10/1908, died 01/24/1972

Associated with the firms network

Bain-Overturf Company, Architects; Bain, Overturf, Turner and Associates, Architects; Overturf, Harrison, Architect

Professional History

Partner, Bain, Overturf, Turner and Associates, Architects, Seattle, WA, 1947-1950; according to Duane Dietz, Architects and Landscape Architects of Seattle, 1876-1959, [typescript, 1994], n.p.) this firm operated in Seattle, WA, c. 1947-1950; according to Dietz, this firm became Bain and Overturf, Architects, Seattle, WA, 1951-until at least 1959;


Overturf's last residence was located in the 98102 zip code of Seattle,WA.

His father was C. W. Overturf.

Overturf married Mary Elder. His father was J.C. Elder.

Harrison Overturf, Sr., and his wife Mary Elder Overturf, had a child, Harrison J. Overturf, Jr., on 03/18/1937 at Virginia Mason Hospital.

SSN: 531-01-2759;

PCAD id: 2617