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John W. Broome, Robert Eugene Oringdulph, Charles Edward Selig, Alred M. Staehli

Active 1958-1975

Firm Notes

This firm, founded in Portland, OR, in 1958, operated until 1975, when it became Broome, Oringdulph, O’Toole, Rudolf, and Associates, or "BOOR/A," for short. In 1975, Progressive Architecture magazine, (vol. 56, 1975, p. 232), indicated that Broome, Selig, Oringdulph and Partners had changed its name. It said: Broome, Oringdulph, O'Toole, Rudolf & Associates, Architects and Planners is the new name for Broome, Selig, Oringdulph & Partners, Portland, Oregon." (See also Architectural Record, vol. 158, 1975, p. 1.)

It changed its name to Bora Architects in 2016.

PCAD id: 5434