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Walter Danforth Bliss, William M. Bliss, William Baker Faville, Hart Wood

Active 1898-1925

Firm Notes

A prestigious architecture firm, Bliss and Faville operated in San Francisco, CA. The two partners practiced separately after 1925; some documents by Bliss and Faville exist in the Architecture & Design Collection, University Art Museum, University of California, Santa Barbara; others on the Merced Golf Club have been preserved at the UC Berkeley, Bancroft Library. Some Bliss Family papers were deposited at the University of Nevada, Reno, Library, Special Collections and University Archives Department, Reno, NV, in 1996. No architectural drawings by the Bliss and Faville firm appear to have been given to UNR.

PCAD id: 278

2898 Broadway House, Pacific Heights, San Francisco, CA1899San FranciscoCA
3020 Pacific Street House, Pacific Heights, San Francisco, CA1900San FranciscoCA
Atascadero Colony, Administration Building, Atascadero, CA1924AtascaderoCA
Atascadero Printery, Atascadero, CAAtascaderoCA
Balboa Building, Financial District, San Francisco, CA1908San FranciscoCA
Bank of California, Office Building #2, Financial District, San Francisco, CA1907-1908San FranciscoCA
Bank of Italy, Branch, Halladie Plaza, San Francisco, CA1920San FranciscoCA
Bliss, Walter Danforth, House, Pacific Heights, San Francisco, CASan FranciscoCA
City of Oakland, Public Library, Main Library #2, Downtown, Oakland, CA1900-1901OaklandCA
City of San Francisco, Public Library (SFPL), Branch #2, Richmond District, San Francisco, CA1913-1914San FranciscoCA
Columbia Theatre #2, San Francisco, CA1907San FranciscoCA
Columbia Theatre, San Francisco, CA1909-1910San FranciscoCA
deGuigné, Christian III, House, Hillsborough, CA1914HillsboroughCA
Eastman Kodak Company, Office Building, Financial District, San Francisco, CA San FranciscoCA
Flood, James Leary and Maud Lee, House #1, Pacific Heights, San Francisco, CA1912-1915San FranciscoCA
Girvin, R.D., House, San Mateo, CASan MateoCA
Hellman, Isaias W., House, Lake Tahoe, CA1903Lake TahoeCA
Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Company, Ltd, Office Building, San Francisco, CA1912-1913San FranciscoCA
Magee Building, San Francisco, CA1905San FranciscoCA
Matson Lines Building, South of Market, San Francisco, CA1922-1924San FranciscoCA
Merced Golf Club, Daly City, CADaly CityCA
Metropolitan Club, San Francisco, CA1916San FranciscoCA
Mission of the Good Samaritan, Episcopal Community Center, San Francisco, CA1911San FranciscoCA
Oakland Hotel Corporation, Hotel Oakland, Downtown, Oakland, CA1910-1912OaklandCA
Panama-Pacific International Exposition (PPIE), Master Plan, San Francisco, CA1912-1915San FranciscoCA
Panama-Pacific International Exposition (PPIE), Palace of Education and Social Economy, San Francisco, CA 1914-1915San FranciscoCA
Rialto Building #1, San Francisco, CA 1902San FranciscoCA
Saint Francis Hotel #2, San Francisco, CA 1902-1904San FranciscoCA
Saint Francis Hotel #3, Union Square, San Francisco, CA1906-1907San FranciscoCA
San Francisco Savings Union, Headquarters Building #6, 1 Grant Avenue, Tenderloin, San Francisco, CA1909-1910San FranciscoCA
Southern Pacific Railroad Company, Headquarters, South Beach, San Francisco, CA1916San FranciscoCA
State of California, State Office Building #1, San Francisco, CA1922San FranciscoCA
Wolfskill, Ney, House, Sea Cliff, San Francisco, CA1921San FranciscoCA
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