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William Callaway, Anthony M. Guzzardo, Chris Miller, Kalvin Platt, Hideo Sasaki, Kevin Shanley, Peter J. Walker

Active 1957-present

Firm Notes

Hideo Sasaki and Peter J. Walker formed their partnership in 1957; their first office was located in Watertown, MA. Walker, along with Anthony Guzzardo, opened a second one in San Francisco, CA, in 1959, to supervise the landscape planning of Foothill Junior College, Los Altos, CA (1962). The San Francisco office remained affiliated with the Watertown firm until 1974. (Sasaki, however, removed Peter Walker's name from the Watertown office in 1966 [it became known as "Sasaki Dawson, DeMay and Associates"], a source of some friction between the two partners.) The firm later became known as SWA Group and later simply "SWA." Walker moved permanently to San Francisco, CA, in 1975 and left SWA Group in 1983, in order to operate his own, smaller firm. In 2005, SWA operated offices in Sausalito, CA, San Francisco, CA, Laguna Beach, CA, Houston, TX, Dallas, TX, and Shanghai, China.

The firm has had a number of long-time institutional affliliations on the West Coast; one of these was with Stanford University, for whom SWA performed over 300 projects during a 25-year span.

PCAD id: 2192

Antioch Park, Houston, TXHoustonTX
California Academy of Sciences, Building #5, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA2005-2008San FranciscoCA
City and County of San Francisco, Buchanan Street Mall, San Francisco, CASan FranciscoCA
City and County of San Francisco, Golden Gateway Redevelopment Project, San Francisco, CA1959-1966San FranciscoCA
City of San Diego, Park and Recreation Department, Marina Linear Park, San Diego, CASan DiegoCA
Concord Pavilion, Concord, CA1975-1976ConcordCA
Del Mesa Carmel, Carmel, CACarmelWA
Ethan's Glen Multi-Family Housing Development, Houston, TX1975HoustonTX
Foothill Junior College, Campus Plan, Los Altos Hills, CA1960-1962Los AltosCA
Hercule Plays on a Classical Identity, Garden, Hercules, CAHerculesCA
Irvine Company, Baywood Multi-Family Housing Development, Newport Beach, CA1974Newport BeachCA
Irvine Company, Fashion Island Mall, Newport Beach, CANewport BeachCA
Irvine Company, Mariner Square Multi-Family Housing Development, Newport Beach, CA1970Newport BeachCA
Irvine Company, Promontory Point Multi-Family Housing Development, Newport Beach, CA1975Newport BeachCA
Meyer, John Henry, House #2, Menlo Park, CA1920Menlo ParkCA
San Francisco Redevelopment Authority Diamond Heights Housing Project #2San FranciscoCA
Security Pacific National Bank (SPNB), Headquarters Building #2, Los Angeles, CA1972-1974Los AngelesCA
Stanford University, Branner Hall, Stanford, CA1922-1923StanfordCA
Stanford University, Department of Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation Precinct Plan, Stanford, CAStanfordCA
Stanford University, Green, Cecil H., Graduate Research Library, Stanford, CA1919StanfordCA
Upjohn Corporation World Headquarters, Kalamazoo, MI1957-1961KalamazooMI
Weyerhaeuser Company, World Headquarters #2, Federal Way, WA1971Federal WayWA
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