Structure Type: built works - dwellings - houses - apartment houses

Designers: Tiscareno Associates, AS, Architecture/Urban Design (firm); Robert Tiscareno (architect)

Dates: constructed 2016-2017

6 stories, total floor area: 60,150 sq. ft.

Bellevue, WA


Designed for the Simpson Housing LLP of Denver, CO, this small apartment block stood nearby to Metro 112 Phase I. The Phase II building contained 55 apartments, two live-work lofts and a floor of underground parking.

Building Notes

The architect's web site said of the design: "The already small site is constrained by several utilities easements and some very visible (and rather unattractive) electrical transformers on the most prominent corner. The allowable building space underwent numerous changes, even to the point of losing ten feet on the entire east side. That change, more than anything, defined the “shifting boxes” concept of the building. Grabbing all the airspace possible, upper floors are cantilevered over ground-level easements. A big inside corner at street level accommodates those thorny transformers, and clever landscaping directs the eye to more interesting views without blocking access to the equipment." (See Tiscareno Associates, Architecture/Urban Design, "METRO 112 PHASE II Apartments," accessed 09/13/2017.)

Mandy Callaway Interiors collaborated with Tiscareno Associates, Architects on the design.

PCAD id: 21461