AKA: 80 South Jackson Street Condominium Building, Pioneer Square, Seattle, WA

Structure Type: built works - commercial buildings - office buildings

Designers: Umbrecht, Max, Architect (firm); Maximilian B. Umbrecht (architect)

Dates: constructed 1900-1901

5 stories

80 South Jackson Street
Pioneer Square, Seattle, WA 98104-3801

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Building History

Architect Max Umbrecht had been practicing architecture in Syracuse, NY, and New York City, before traveling to Seattle in early 1900 to prepare plans for a business block backed by the Syracuse-based typewriter and gun tycoon, Lyman Cornelius Smith (1850-1910). TheSeattle Daily Timeswrote in its issue of 03/24/1900: "Max Umbrecht is preparing the plans for the four or six-story brick and stone business block to be erected by L.C. Smith at the northwest corner of Jackson Street and First Avenue South." James W. Clise (1855-1939), an early landholder in Pioneer Square, the first central business district of Seattle, visited Smith in Upstate New York in the early 1890s, and sold him 8 lots in the area, the largest single sale of Seattle land up until then. It was on one of these parcels that Smith directed Umbrecht to design this investment block.

The Smith Building #1 was joined with the Samuel E. Squires Building (at 317 1st Avenue South) to form a block with 27 condominium apartments (each averaging 1,185 square feet in size) in 1984.

Building Notes

The Smith Building #1, later known as the 80 South Jackson Street Condominium Building, occupied a 9,996 sq. ft. (0.23 acre) lot, and had 8,082 square feet of commercial space in 2010.

PCAD id: 15032