Structure Type: built works - industrial buildings - factories

Designers: Herrick Corporation (firm)

Dates: constructed 1979

total floor area: 4,300,000 sq. ft.

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Everett, WA

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The Boeing Company's presence at Paine Field dated back to 1967.

Building Notes

Three of the giant 747-8 planes could be constructed simultaneously at the Everett plant. The 747-8 was 250 long and 63 feet high; the wingspan was 225-feet. Cost for each plane listed at $300 million but was discounted down to about $164 million in 09/2009. The 747-8 was hybrid of existing 747 technologies with new ones, some developed for the contemporary 787 Dreamliner program; the new plane had a length 18-feet longer than the previous 747-400 version and could seat 51 more people. The freighter variant could haul 26% more cargo than previously. Boeing executives envisioned the 747-8 to compete with Airbus's all-new and much-hyped A380, a superplane configured to carry 525 people.

PCAD id: 14469