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1503 10th Avenue North
Capitol Hill, Seattle, CA 98122

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Federal Judge Cornelius Holgate Hanford (1849-1926) resided at this address in 1905, following the death of his wife, Clara M. Baldwin (1856-1904), who passed away from tuberculosis at the age of 47. Hanford, a prolific conservative jurist who resigned in 1912 from the bench before impeachment hearings could start to remove him from office. Hanford had long sided with manufacturing interests and, by 1912, opponents on a subcommittee of the House Judiciary Committee believed that they could prove his corrupt business dealings with the Northern Pacific Railway. The Seattle Star wrote in its issue of 07/22/1912: ""The Hanford defense collapsed apparently when the investigating committee showed a determined effort to get at the bottom of Judge Hanford's alleged business dealings with litigants. The Hanford decision reducing the Northern Pacific taxes while he was negotiating for the purchase of thousands of acres of land from the railway, was a staggering blow to the defense when Representative McCoy read it into the record." (See "Hanford Quits the Bench," Seattle Star, 07/22/1912, p. 1.)

Building Notes

Judge Cornelius Holgate Hanford (1849-1926), admitted to the Washington Territorial Bar in 1875, was a significant jurist who held many appointed and elected offices in the executive and judicial branches of Washington State government between 1875-1920. He served simultaneously as City Attorney of Seattle, from 1882-1885 and as an Assistant United States Attorney between 1881 to 1886. In 1889, he was appointed Chief Justice of the Washington Territory (and later State) Supreme Court and served in this capacity until 1912 resignation. Judge Hanford was born in Winchester, IA, and journeyed with his family to resettle in Puget Sound in 1853. He was a self-educated and self-made man, fluent in the Chinook language, who married Clara M. Baldwin in 11/1875.


It appears that the structure at 1503 10th Avenue North was demolished before 1910, when the three-story apartment building at 916 East Pike Street was built.

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