Structure Type: [unspecified]

Designers: Blain, Sidney, Building Contractor (firm); Sidney Blain (building contractor)

Dates: constructed 1853

1 story, total floor area: 320 sq. ft.

Eugene, OR

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Located on the Mulligan and Skinner Tracts, adjacent parcels of 40 acres each.

The first Lane County Clerk's Building was a small 16' x 20' Greek Revival temple, with a projecting portico supported by four piers. Constructed of a timber frame, it was moved later to the Lane County Pioneer Museum. In 1853 early pioneers, Charnel Mulligan and Eugene Skinner, each offered Lane County 40 acres each on which to locate its public buildings. (Four offers of land were considered by voters for the location of the county seat; Mulligan and Skinner's adjacent parcels were selected, and it was on this property that this clerk's office was erected.) Sidney Blain served as Building Contractor for this project.

PCAD id: 13936