Structure Type: built works - social and civic buildings - libraries

Designers: Austin and Ashley, Architects (firm); Judson Studios (firm); Frederic M. Ashley (architect); John Corneley Wilson Austin (architect); Walter H. Judson (glass artisan); William Judson (glass artisan); Miralles

Dates: constructed 1929-1930

This branch was the 49th in the Los Angeles Public System, dedicated as a memorial to the twenty Los Angeles High School students killed in World War I. This branch formally opened 04/29/1930. When it opened, the neighborhood was populated by a high percentage of Jewish families; by the 1970s, this had changed, as African-American were already established and various Asian-American nationalities began to settle there.

The building's Tudor Styling was meant to harmonize with Los Angeles High School #2, also by Austin and Ashley, done in that style across the street.

William Judson, great-grandson of Walter H. Judson, (the producer of the original stained-glass windows in the Memorial Library Branch,) designed a new glass art piece for the library in the mid-1990s.

PCAD id: 10644